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Olivier Tshimanga is a Congolese guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is generally considered to be one of the greatest Congolese guitarists of the 21th century. His extensive use intervals, melodic counterpoint during improvisation, use of a chord-melody style of play and outstanding knowledge of chord inversions and progressions opened up new possibilities for modern Congolese rumba guitar and had a profound influence on future guitarists which he called “Tshimangology.

Born in Congo Olivier Tshimanga, the son of Rose Fololo Tshilongo, was raised in Kinshasa. He made his first guitar with a can of milk container and mango tree wood.

Tshimanga studied classical music to play pieces written specifically for the instrument, practice scales and harmony. In addition, he was influenced by Franco Luambo, Lutumba Simaro, Guvano, Pepe Felly and many more.

Tshimanga was discovered by Lutumba Simaro who recognized early that he had "a little something happening" in the band called “The best” then he joined the band Bana OK. He started getting gigs and was playing with bands fronted by Papa wemba, Koffi Olomide, Ferre’ Gola, Nathalie Makoma, Fally Ipupa and many collaborations with others international artists. He travelled around the globe and recorded more than 1024 albums and eventually moved from Kinshasa to Paris.

In this DVD he is sharing his experience learnt from the masters of Congolese rumba guitar such as Lutumba Simaro, Franco Luambo and papa Noel and what is more important his idea or approach of fusion of rumba and others genre of music such as flamenco,blues,jazz,pop which he called it “Tshimangology”.

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