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Advanced Soukous Solo Guitar by Beniko Zangilu (Popolipo)

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Titled : Advanced Soukous Solo Guitar
                   by Beniko Zangilu (Popolipo).
Beniko Zangilu stage name (Popolipo) is a guitarist and arranger  who was born in Kinshasa (Leopold ville) 1955.
Popolipo has revolutionized the dancing part called Sebene by playing and dancing at the same time. He is among the top guitarist of Congolese modern guitar.
He started his career in 1969 by joining the small bands in Kinshasa. Beniko style is colored with sweet melody and harmony.
He recorded many hits albums in Congo (Zaire), and the song titled Muvaro, his first recording in zaiko langa Langa made him famous. He was inspired by Mavatiku Michelino who used to play in Afrika Fiesta Sukisa which was renamed later on Afrisa International led by Tabu ley.
He played in the band such as Tabu National, Tabu Engombi, Kanako Shiprike Bango, Kossa-kossa, Isifi Lokole, Viva La Musica, langa Langa Stars, Zaiko langa Langa, Zaiko Familia Dei, Quartier Latin and Academia. Actually, He made up his band called Makutano in Paris playing Congolese cover’ songs.

Popolipo toured with these band in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.
In this DVD, he is sharing his experience how to play Congolese Soukous solo Guitar and how to set up the sound.
Beniko moved from Congo to France where he is pursuing his career as musician and arranger.

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