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Soukous guitar clinic

Soukous Bass

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  • Soukous Bass by Patrick Mazina


Patrick Mazina is a guitarist and bass player. He was born in Belgium and grown up in Congo. In these 2 DVDs tutorial, he going to share his 30 years experience of playing Soukous music. He is a talented musician and great arranger. He started to play the guitar at primary school with Alain Makaba (Wenge Musica). At the age of 13 he started performing in the band such as: Les Gars de homo of Gombe. (1982-1986). kinshasa Eligo Junior. At the Institute of Gombe. (1992-2000). kinshasa Tout Chic Gombe. (1992-2000). kinshasa A.B.A Musica. (Academy des beaux Arts). (1989-1984). kinshasa K.V. musica. (1988-1989). (In the area of Kasa - Vubu). Kinshasa A.E.G. of Gombe. (1989-1991). Kinshasa. Les Melodies Vivantes. (1991-2000). London. This  DVD will help to learn, improve and play Soukous bass style properly.

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