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Soukous Guitar Zaiko Style with Tshotsho Matiaba

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  • soukous guitar, Zaiko style


Tshotsho Matiaba was born in Congo DR. He started playing the guitar in 1986, and at the end of 1987 he joined a choir of the Catholic Church.
After in 1989 he went to a group called Alba- Choc.
In 1990 he joined a Yo-Sing Orchestra, and 1995 he joined the Campio la Musica orchestra, 1997 Meli- Melo de Sedjo- Ka, 1998 Rive Gauche, 1999 Interpool de Koffi Alibaba, 2000 the orchestra The Best, 2001 Afro Jazz, 2003 the Anti- Shock orchestra of Bozi Boziana. At the end of 2005 he joined the Zaiko Langa Langa orchestra to this day.
In this video he shares his knowledge and teaches the Congolese guitar with his experience.
Thsiotshio has become popular with his sebenes which makes people dance with his good solo guitar fingering.

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