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How to play congolese solo guitar by Dodoli kidima

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“ How to play Congolese Guitar Solo ” With Dodoli

Dodoli (born Odon Kidima) is Congolese Soukous solo guitarist. He is generally considered to be one of the fastest soukous guitarists of the 20th century. His extensive use of walking basslines, melodic counterpoint during improvisation, use of a chord-melody style of playing and outstanding knowledge of chord inversions and progressions opened up new possibilities for the Congolese guitar and had a profound influence on later guitarists. Dodoli is a guitarist and arranger who were born in Congo. He started his career at age of 11 by joining the small band Leopard in Kikwit (Congo).

Later on, he joined the band such as Super Fiesta, Zabantu, Sous Melody, Zaina Molende, and Pamba Pamba with Madilu system, Siatapa with Mambo ley, and Stukas with Lita Bembo, Victoria Principal with Pepe Bipoli, and Minzoto Wela Wela & Anti-choc with Bozi Boziana where he toured with band in Africa, America and Europe.

Also, He recorded many hit albums in Congo (Zaire), and the song titled La reine de Sabbath made him famous. He arranged many songs in the band Anti-Choc.

Patrice and Mafu of Super Fiesta influenced him. Dodoli is among the top guitarist of Congolese modern guitar. Therefore, in this DVD, he is sharing his experience how to play Congolese solo Guitar. Dodoli moved from Congo to Belgium where he is pursuing his solo career as musician and arranger.

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