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Congolose Solo Guitar & Tone Setting

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Daniel 6000 (born Daniel Muyumbo,) is Congolese guitarist. He is generally considered to be one of the greatest guitarists of the band Zaiko Langa langa. His extensive use of melodic during improvisation, use of a chord-melody style in Sebene of playing and outstanding knowledge "Chord inversion" & Chord progression" opened up new possibilities for the Soukous guitar and had a profound influence on Abeti Masikini arranger’s Gomez.

Born in Congo, Kinshasa, Daniel Muyumbo, the son of Soldier, was raised Kinshasa, Camps Mobutu. He received his first instrument flute. People in the area recognized early that he had "a little something happening" and he decided to make his own guitar made with traditional material with one string picked up tunes by ear, play pieces not written specifically for the instrument, practice Scale and to fill in the sonic space between the notes of the melody.

As early as, Daniel started getting gigs and was playing with bands such as Campo Forme, Calibre 12, Sur le pas de Jesus, G.E.L and many Zong Zing (session musician). Then, he joined Ok Jazz after the death of Luambo Makiadi and began traveling with Ok jazz with Youlou Mabiala. Later on discovered by Adios Alemba to join Zaiko Langa Langa and eventually moved from Congo to Republic of Ireland, Cork to pursuit his solo career.

He played guitar nonstop and further sharpen his skills the reason why people called him Daniel 6600 volts, he is the king of sebene (dancing part). He toured around the globe and recorded many albums with G.E.L, Ok Jazz of Franco Luambo Makiadi, zaiko langa langa (1998 Nous y sommes, 2000 Sans Issue, 2000 Poison, 2001 Feeling, 2003 Eureka) as lead guitarist.

In this DVD, he is sharing his experience and explain how to play Congolese solo guitar and tones setting.

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